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Helping You Fulfill Your Dream

If you are like many millions of other immigrants to the United States, becoming a legal or naturalized American may be your ultimate dream. The rules and process for fulfilling that dream can be difficult to understand. Working through the system without understanding the right steps often leads to unnecessary delays and costs.

I am U.S. immigration attorney Patricia Casarez-Lodhi, in Lexington, Kentucky. I founded Lodhi Law Office because I know there is a real need to help legal immigrants continue to live and contribute to the American dream.

If the time has come for you and your family to take on the rights and responsibilities that come with being naturalized or legal citizens of the United States, I am ready to help you every step of the way.

What Are Your Goals?

First, we will sit down together to discuss your goals for pursuing citizenship or naturalization. I will answer your questions, explain the process and help you obtain the application materials you will need.

Next, we will work together to make sure that everything is submitted correctly and you have representation to help you through the process. You will never be alone as we take each step forward.

What Are The Benefits Of Citizenship Or Naturalization?

  • Citizenship gives you the right to vote.
  • Family members will have a shorter wait time to join you in the United States.
  • They can help you avoid removal if you or a family member faces a removable offense.

I help people who are:

  • Living legally under visa status in the United States
  • Adopted foreign-born children of American parents
  • Naturalized and are now seeking the rights of full citizenship

Contact My Office To Start Taking The Steps You Need

To start the process toward fulfilling your goals and dreams, call Lodhi Law Office at 855-896-2958 or send my office an email today.