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Remaining transparent with your immigration attorney is key

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2021 | Immigration |

While attempting to gain legal citizenship, it helps to remain open to your attorney. The lawyer you charged with assisting you during the process should have a complete picture to proceed forward.

There are several areas of your history that you may not want to disclose, especially if you believe they may stop your momentum. However, when dealing with the immigration authorities, remain transparent with your lawyer to formulate an appropriate plan.

Criminal history

If you have faced charges of crime in the past, you should inform your attorney. It also helps to bring any records in your possession to a meeting. Some crimes may make immigration difficult, but not all. For instance, some trafficking victims may face charges of prostitution. Under U.S. law, however, this charge would not amount to much since victims of human trafficking may find respite under the protections afforded. The same applies to domestic violence victims and those kept as political prisoners.

Medical history

Some diseases or medical conditions may come into play when trying to gain legal residence in the United States. You should prepare your attorney for anything that may come up during a medical examination. If you have medical records, you should provide them to the attorney for review. This allows adequate preparation and relevant advice for your unique situation.

Your history will become evidence to support or deny your immigration application. As such, allowing your attorney the opportunity to have the complete picture may help your efforts in the long run, even if you feel uncomfortable doing so.