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45 Minute Consultation – $100

Consultations are available weekly every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, as well as Sunday afternoons.

Saturday appointments are also available upon request.

What happens during a consultation?

One of the most important things at the start of any professional relationship is the establishment of trust between the potential client and the attorney.

During our initial meeting, we will get to ask questions of one another and determine if we can work together in a productive and positive client-attorney relationship.

And, of course, I will assess if there is a potential remedy to your legal needs.

I know that you have many questions and concerns about your potential case. In this 45 minute paid consultation, you will be able to express your legal needs, and I in turn will be able to answer some of your concerns.

In our initial consultation, I will be able to:

  1. Listen to your unique immigration (or other legal issue) story/facts
  2. Explain general aspects of the law that pertain to your issue
  3. Discuss the general strategy that I usually employ for similar legal issues
  4. Explain what generally happens in the process
  5. Tell you how long the process generally takes
  6. State the potential legal outcomes that are generally confronted by clients
  7. Discuss if you qualify for any form of relief
  8. Explain how much it will cost to have this issue taken care of


Please note that AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP IS NOT CREATED BY THE CONSULTATION. But, everything that you share with me is confidential.

Only clients that I agree to accept as clients will be part of the attorney-client relationship.

I can only provide targeted, specific, and case-specific legal advice and services to clients who:

  1. Have a signed engagement letter with Lodhi Law Office, PLLC
  2. Have paid their initial deposit/retainer fee
  3. Have a fee arrangement signed with this office

At the end of our initial consultation, you will be emailed within 48 hours with a summary of what was discussed during the consultation, the viable options that are available to you, and a price quote for the options. We can then follow up with one another to sign our initial documents and to begin this exciting process that will change your life or the life of your loved one!